Custom Cookies Info

All sales are final and non-refundable.

Certified cottage food operation located in Skye canyon (89166).

Due to my cottage law, I cannot ship custom cookie orders.

Pricing: Custom decorated cookies are priced based on intricacy. Standard size cookies are about 3” - 4” depending on shape. Pricing increases depending on detail intricacy, cookie shapes, amount of colors, piped florals, and gold painted details (gold splatter is free of charge) etc. Cookies come individually heat sealed and are good for up to a week. You may send me inspirational photos but must give me creative freedom.

Plain Frosted Cookies (cookies are iced with no details on top)
$30 per dozen / mini size cookies / 2"-2.5" depending on shape (2 dozens minimum,  may add extra cookies in any increments after minimum)
$40 per dozen / standard size cookies / 3"-4" depending on shape (1 dozen minimum, may add extra cookies in any increments after minimum) Up to 2 colors and 2 shapes per dozen. Ex: $40 for a box of dozen heart shaped cookies with pink and white icing and gold splatter. 

Tier 1 (custom printed cookies) $55 per dozen
Great for logo cookies or if you want images printed on a dozen cookies. This is different than the typical edible image that you see on sheet cakes. Cookies are iced then an image is printed on with FDA approved food safe edible printer. Color of image may vary slightly. Basic shapes (circle, rectangles, square etc). Up to 3 images per dozen and image must be provided by client. Pricing increases if image uses more color etc. 

Tier 2 / $75+ per dozen
Includes up to 4 simple designs. A very basic set with very minimal details. Up to 4 colors (
may include a mix of hand piped and airbrushed/printed details). Basic shapes.

Tier 3 / $85-$95+ per dozen
Includes up to 6 designs and 6 colors. 
Custom shapes created for your set. More intricate designs. May include minimal metallic painting and piped florals. May include custom shapes. Most popular option (most of the sets you see on my IG newsfeed).

Tier 4 / $100-$115+ per dozen
Includes up to 10 designs and 8-10 colors. 
More intricate designs. Includes metallic painting and piped florals. Custom shapes created for your set. 

Payment can be made via Venmo, Zelle or Apple Cash. Debit cards and credit cards can be used however there is a small card fee.

For orders under $300, full payment is to be paid within 48 hours of invoice date sent. For orders larger than $300, deposit of half the total can be made (full payment 1 month prior to pick up date). 

Orders placed within 2 weeks notice of pick up date will incur a 20% rush fee (orders tiers 2-4 only, does not apply to tier 1 orders).

Refund & cancelation policy: All deposits are non-refundable. I do not accept cancellations. However if you need to reschedule your cookie order pick up date, I would need notice 1 week prior to pick up date. Cookie orders must be rescheduled for a pick up date within 1 month of original up date. Your order will be forfeited if not picked up within 48 hours of pick up date.

Please be aware that my products are made in a home-based kitchen with known allergen products such as tree nuts, gluten, dairy, eggs, fish, soy, wheat, shellfish, and alcohol.