About my designs & cutters:

All designs are hand illustrated by Charlson Cookie Co. Cookie cutters and all other 3D printed items are made from PLA (Polylactic acid). Most cutters from my shop are double bladed and are on the thicker side for durability. Cutters are approximately 20mm in height. They are perfect for cutting dough rolled up to 1/2” thick. Most of my cutters are measured from top to bottom and side to side (refer to my square listing photos). The larger number is always the longer length of the cutter whether is it by height or width. All item dimensions are approximates. They could vary within 1/8" in actual size.

Food that comes in contact with it needs to be baked/cooked before consumed.

Cutter Care
Q: How to clean cutters:
3D printed items from my shop are not dishwasher safe. Hand wash with soapy luke warm water before use. I recommend using a bottle brush or small brushes to clean tiny crevasses. Heat will cause warping!! 

Q: I just placed an order. Can I add to my order so that I don't have to pay double shipping?
You may add to your order as long as it has not been packaged / shipped. Depending on how many cutters/items are being adding to the order, there may be additional shipping fee. Shipping dates will be delayed if adding to orders that were placed more than 48 hours. You must send me a message requesting to add additional items. An invoice will be sent for the additional cutters.

Delivery issue
Q: My order says that it was delivered but has not arrived.
If you're experiencing any carrier issues such as lost, damage, stolen or package saying it was delivered but was not, you must contact your local postal office to resolve the issue. I am not responsible for packages once they have been shipped or leaves my premises. In the event that your package gets lost or damage during transit, you may open a claim with USPS. They will look over and review the case.

If you experience any issues with your order, you must reach out to me within 72 hours of delivery date.

Cancelation Policy
Q: Do you accept returns / exchanges?
I do not accept returns / exchanges. All cancelled orders will incur 
a 15% cancellation fee to cover transaction card fees. Cancelations requests are not accepted after 24 hours.

Cutters will not be replaced due to heat damage. However, if you have any other issues with your order, please send me a message.

Issues with cutters
Issue: I received my cutters and there are discolorations / different color spots on my cutters.
If you find spots on your cutters, it is due to the different filament colors that my shop uses. 
Issue: The wall of my cutter's blade split when using.
This rarely happens and should not happen. Send me a message if you find that it has been split, dough is getting inside and cutter is not useable. I will send you a replacement. Photo will need to be provided.
Issue: I ordered a cutter way too big/small.
It is important to measure before purchasing. You will have to repurchase if you want a different size as all orders are print to order. Height and width dimensions are given for every shapes on my shop. If there is one missing, please let me know and I can get it over to you.